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Lots nsp: Excuses, reasons, and a lot more excuses.

And yet, I’m beginning to see a glimmer of hope!
I’ll reduce ideal to the chase. The incomes for my website for the month of February was simply $15.51 and that’s awful. I’ve obtained all type of reasons to tell you why my site hasn’t been carrying out much better. And oh, I’ll tell them to you alright!

However, regardless of all my excuses, I did handle to do a couple of points right in February, and my site REALLY began to reveal some signs of life near the end of the month. So, regardless of a dreadful month in terms of profits, the web traffic pattern is a big spike up.

And in particular, Google is ultimately giving me some serious love! I’ll share all the details below.

The best news of all? My profits for March (simply 4 days in) is already greater than double as high as my revenues for every one of February.

It’s time to end all my justifications and roll up my sleeves and get to work. Specific Niche Site Project 4 is finally about to obtain fascinating.


Lots nsp: Well, I currently informed you the revenues were dreadful for February, and they were. The site made simply $15.51 for the month of February.

Below’s a couple of screenshots in case you are doubting my mad skills:
Unusually, I earned precisely $8.00 on Amazon. Last month I made precisely $6.00. I ought to do better at doctoring these screenshots to make them seem a lot more official!

In the second fifty percent of February, I determined to attempt some display screen ads on my sites because the majority of the traffic has actually been social media web traffic to unmonetized web pages. I chose Ezoic as a choice to Google Adsense.

Ezoic ads generated an additional $7.51. Once more, these ads were just on my site for the last 2 weeks of the month.

As a direct, you typically need 10,000 pageviews a month to put on Ezoic. However, I already had an authorized Ezoic account from a different internet site, so I had the ability to include this new site with no issue.

I prepare to maintain display screen ads competing the life of the website probably. Concerning 50% of my posts are a lot more image heavy or info type write-ups that are not generated income from by Amazon affiliates.

Because of this, I don’t wish to leave fifty percent of my site unmonetized.

Currently, I can rave just how negative it is for a site that is now officially 6 months old to be earning just $15 in a month, however I will not. I was expecting my site to be making more now, it’s all really depressing.

However, I have actually obtained a lot of reasons that I would certainly love to share …


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Lots nsp: So, below’s the deal: I actually have not been putting much effort and time into Niche Website Project 4.

Initially, I’ve been quite active with various other aspects of my service. I have tons of other sites that I service, and that has been eating up my time. As a result, beyond hitting “publish” when I get an article from my authors, I haven’t been doing a lot.

So, it should not be much of a surprise that my website hasn’t removed quite yet.

Reason 1: I have a lot of sites and various other jobs and I haven’t been placing whenever right into the site.

Option: I’ve been liquidating my sites, so I can focus my energy and time on Niche Pursuits and associated tasks.

Reason 2: I’m down a couple of employees.

Right around the moment I started Niche Website Project 4, among my full-time employees took a job back in the business world. After that soon after that, my various other full-time worker Jake, just started giving way excessive cash from his own affiliate websites, so he left me and is living his entrepreneurial desires on his own. (I’m very pleased for him by the way).

So, my 2 superstar staff members went on and left me with all the work. Sure, I might work with replacements. Yet I have actually made a decision to simplify my life a little bit. I’m selling my sites, just dealing with consultants, and focusing on less tasks.

Service: Downsize the variety of projects so I don’t require as several workers.

Reason 3: I was actually wishing my site would take off with no link building.

I understand, I know … that’s so 2014. In the past, I would certainly build my sites with little to no link building and they would take off.

Therefore, I’ve mainly stayed clear of link accumulating to this factor. So, my excuse is that I have actually simply been waiting around for Google to do its point.

Solution: I’ve begun doing some link structure in the month of February, and strategy to double down on acquiring some high quality links going forward.

I’ll share even more information below on my plans for the website moving forward.

Many thanks for hearing me out with my reasons. Now that the justifications lag us, allow’s have a look at some of the favorable signs I’m seeing and what my plans are progressing … say goodbye to justifications!


Lots nsp: If you have concerns about the amount of posts the website has, how much website traffic the site is getting, and more … after that this section is for you!

Behold, the revenues background report.


Lots nsp: Last month in my report, I reviewed how my website was obtaining lots of automated spammy links. I determined to go ahead and disavow those web links via Google Browse Console on February 12th.

I really don’t understand that this did anything for my website. The spammy web links continue to come, and it had not been until around Feb. 20th approximately that points began to pick up. Nevertheless, disavowing certainly really did not harm me in any way.


I also talked about several of the issues I was having with AMP in my last report. Google simply did not appear to be indexing all of my AMP web pages. I attempted a different AMP plugin for a number of weeks, and I didn’t notice any type of changes. After chatting with a couple of individuals that state they never make use of AMP, I simply uninstalled all AMP plugins.


Lots nsp: I was talking with a close friend of mine regarding the website and he said it was feasible that several of my short articles could be over-optimized for keyword phrases because of the Table of Contents plugin I was using. Simply put, my key words density may have been really high since the table of contents plugin basically repeats all the search phrases that are in your header tags.

I eliminated all Tabulation from my write-ups and points began to improve shortly afterwards.

Quick Suggestion: Removing the plugin would still leave the shortcode of [T-O-C] remaining on all my articles, visible to viewers. So, rather than manually going in and eliminating the [t-o-c] from all 90+ write-ups (which might have taken hours), I simply did a find and replace and was performed in a minute or more.

I installed the Search & Change plugin, after that simply searched for [t-o-c] and replaced with a blank room. Done.


Lots nsp: I finally started obtaining some web links. In fact, a couple of days prior to I saw my site dive out of the “sandbox”, I recognize that my site had been linked to by 3 or 4 websites on the same day. (The web sites emailed me that they had simply added their links, so I understood for sure when they had been included).

In addition, I had been getting a few more do follow web links throughout the month and it shows up that my site authority is beginning to climb a little.

So, which of these 4 points made the most significant distinction? I don’t understand for certain. The uninstalling of AMP, eliminating TOC, and at least a couple of links all happened on the exact same day. After that the following day or two, my site enhanced.

So, I can not separate without a doubt what sufficed, however it seems among these points.


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Lots nsp: As discussed, I began to do a bit a lot more link structure in February. In the past, I attempted the High-rise strategy and it generated precisely 0 web links for me. So, I assumed it was time to take a different strategy.

Here are the 3 types of web links I have built or plan to construct to my website:
In order to stay completely transparent, I wished to share my “web link swap” approach that got me 7 web links during February.

This method needs that you have 2 websites. One that you are attempting to develop links to and one that you agree to connect from to other internet sites.

The approach in a nutshell: Email internet sites you desire a link from and ask if you can link to their site from your Site A. If they concur, then ask if they will to your Site B from their website. Website B is clearly your specific niche site you are trying to place.

I emailed 200 web sites and obtained 7 dofollow web links from the sites (and I believe I might still obtain a few more). So, the success rate is 3.5% so far. Far better than the 0% I got from the High-rise method.

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