Ideal Hangout Place In NSP - Cafe Wish

Ideal Hangout Place In NSP Cafe Wish

What Makes It Outstanding

NSP cafe: Perfect Atmosphere and soft background music with scrumptious food make it a wonderful area to hang out with friends.

Coffee shop Wish is positioned in NSP which has indoor and little roof seating, With ideal seats and excellent food!
If you enjoy Chinese cuisine and shakes, after that this location is for you! Manchurian, Chilly Potato are remarkable over here. Pasta is fine and their presentation gets on factor

Staff gets along and their Service is quick!
What Could Be Better

Worth for money is something this area does not have.

Netaji Subhash Area or as us Dilliwalas call it – NSP, is the solution to all our foodie food cravings! From quite coffee shops to li’l roadside restaurants, this place has all of it. And to make y’ all fall in love with this place all over again, we selected 9 new food outlets that simply opened up in NSP are providing us some major #FoodGoals, check them out!

Ideal Hangout Place In NSP - Cafe Wish

Four Silly Friends

This kickass brand-new coffee shop just opened its doors to us bhukkads and we’re happy dance! These men are offering gourmet hamburgers like Mozzarella & Chilli Chicken and Masala Keema Sloppy Joes, quirky treats like Banana Sushi, Churros With Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Flower Holder, Caramelised Apple, Croissant French Toast therefore far more * substantial smiles *!

Clash Of Snacks

round, you’re truly gon na like this! Freshly ready and absolutely tasty, the food here will make this your new hangout location. Their Afghani Paneer Momos and Corn Stogie Rolls are something you tin NOT lose out on!


If you’re also a hardcore comic follower after that you’re definitely gon na like this pretty li’l coffee shop called Dhadoom! With comic strips decorating its walls and extremely vibrant design, this location is certainly gon na cheer up your day. Concerning the food, these peeps give out the most outrageous range of fries like Mumbaiya Pav Bhaji French Fries, American Cheesy Balls French Fries, Soya Makhani Fries and bunches more * WOAH *!

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Cheese And Chocolate

NSP cafe: A place named after 2 of our most preferred food? Oh we’re so loving this one! The menu at Cheese and Delicious chocolate will make you drool and the prices here will certainly make you jump with happiness ’cause they have waffles starting at simply Rs 49 * woohoo *. Their Strawberry Waffle and Nutella Blast Waffle is something you tin NOT lose out on!


Which dining establishments are open for eating in Delhi NCR?

Sorrento, AnnaMaya, Food Exchange are open for dining in Delhi NCR

What are the well-known dining establishments in Delhi NCR?

AnnaMaya, Sorrento, The Imperial Seasoning are the popular restaurants in Delhi NCR

What are the Top Chain Restaurants in Delhi NCR?

Leading chain restaurants in Delhi NCR are Bar-b-que Nation, Coffee Shop Delhi Heights, Chili’s, Social.

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