Delhi/ QD, Ground Floor, Pacific Mall, NSP

Delhi/ QD, Ground Floor, Pacific Mall, NSP

qds nsp : You can order great momos, penne pasta and dal makhani. Try delicious French salutes. When seeing this restaurant, it’s a must to try fantastic coffee.

A number of reviewers highlight that the personnel is suiting at this place. Solution at QD is something one can call fine. Fair costs are what you are to spend for your meal. A lot of the moment, the exotic atmosphere is to be found below. The general score of this put on Google is


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A terrific place to consume some unusual food

qds nsp: Ah I m speechless, d food n d fast solution has actually left me yearning for more. Their veg plate is leading course. dehi kebabs r to die for, crispy stuff, extremely well cooked. gt to check out again. worth for cash stuff. Sitting in right here n obtaining enthralled once again by d products on d platter below. Do attempt d black mamba with its azwain taste, a different preference all together!!.
Gadbad is great as well with usage of great canned fruits. Though I missed d existence of nuts in it. Stil perfectly done. they without a doubt have a wonderful chef s helping them. combined with active monitoring which maintains d waiters on their toes. M amazed.
Now today I simply gt home provided a lasagne n pasta arabiatta. N young boy, men u constantly seem to amaze me with ur items, appears there is a person who in fact does preference d items prior to offering them! Nicely wrapped n still in warm state, I got d items without much fuss over my irregular distribution address, albeit for many neighboring eateries.
Lasagne is soft n perfectly done, however pasta was a game changer, an ideal blend of flavors, cream, cheese, mint, garlic to enrichen d sauce, I m still feeling like buying one more time!!!!! Thank u all for d effort …

Wonderful appealing household dining establishment Qds NSP

Dining establishment exterior (outdoors lights) and inside (vibrant balloons) attracts one in from the exterior. Discovered the place completely from the other side of the roadway. Offerings on menu is fairly vast. Lots to pick from. Selected the renowned Momos. Was loading for a starter but a tad bit too hot. Particularly ordered the Covering poultry Momos since I didn’t want anything strong or spicy however became very hot. Masalah chips were good. Paneer wrap not so much, seemed like an overkill on the Spices.
Offered a wonderful warm cappuccino. Extremely fairly valued.
Steward got along and where unable to aid, he obtained a Manager to assist in English. He went through the whole food selection and what they used, which was nice of him.

Frequently asked questions qds nsp

What is the local site to Co-Offiz, NSP?

The local spots is: Near Max Health center

What are the vehicle parking fees at Co-Offiz, NSP?

Auto parking is available the structure at below stated fees:-.
4 wheeler car park fee monthly: Rs.0.
2 wheeler car parking cost per month: Rs.0.

What is the complete number of seats offered at Co-Offiz, NSP?

There are an overall of 478 seats at Co-Offiz.

What is the beginning rate for a dedicated workdesk at Rs.Co-Offiz, NSP?

Per seat, the rate begins at Rs.9000 each month at Co-Offiz.

What is the starting rate for a seat in a personal workplace at Co-Offiz, NSP?

Per seat price in a private workplace starts at Rs.10000 each month at Co-Offiz.

What are the opening hours?

The opening hours are 9:00 am – 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The facility remains open from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday.

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